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Rehydrating The Earth

We believe football can tackle the world’s pressing issue of water scarcity

The first global football campaign to tackle the worlds water crisis across different continents to provide a long-term solution to water-stressed communities.  We are leveraging the power of football and soccer to create resilience to Overcome Floods, Prevent Fires, and Reverse Droughts.

Join the football community in raising awareness, educating, and actively implementing methods in communities that have the power to resolve our world’s water-related issues at the root cause. Our GOAL is to fix the world’s problems at the source, and water is the source of all life.

To achieve this goal, we must look to nature as our educator and focus on restoring the earth’s natural water cycles and rehydrating lands. These methods can positively impact disrupted weather patterns, lower global temperatures, prevent fires and floods, and reverse droughts.


Why is Rehydrate different:

Our focus is on recharging and restoring groundwater, as well as providing a restored and productive ecosystem that continually circulates water through that system, feeding water into the water table and continually replenishing groundwater. Through these methods we can begin to heal the local water cycle, provide a sustainable and resilient water source, and even replenish dry rivers and wells that have gone dry.

We believe that restoring water back to the earth through the creation of water retention landscapes and recharging groundwater is the only viable long-term solution to resolving our world’s water issues. Through rehydration methods, we will raise awareness, activate communities, and implement rehydration water projects in the most fragile locations globally, all through the power of football.


Water is undoubtedly our most precious resource on Earth. All life on Earth depends on water for survival, and yet less than 3% of the world’s water is fresh, accessible, and usable. Across the world, rivers are diminishing, lakes are depleting, and water wells are running dry. These dry and degraded lands contribute to catastrophic flooding and fire events, as well as fueling mass famine and forced migration.

As a global nation, we have become accustomed to overusing and abusing our natural resources, and our current relationship with water may possibly be the most detrimental yet. 

New methods of building resilience in fragile and water-stressed locations are much needed, and a mass global awakening of how we can all play a part and contribute must take place.

According to a study by the WMO, droughts have killed 650,000 people in the past five decades, storms have claimed over 577,000 lives, and almost 59,000 have died in floods

The global bill for storm damage in the past 50 years comes to $521 billion, with floods costing $115 billion and $377 billion of storm and flood losses occurring in Europe alone

Malnutrition contributes to 3.1 million deaths of children under five each year, and food insecurity due to a lack of water is a major contributor

By 2030, an estimated 700 million people will be at risk of being displaced by drought



Rehydrating the Earth is a call to action for the football world, with the message that together, we can unite as one team and all contribute to an issue that impacts every one of us: our world’s water crisis.

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