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Mozambique Water Aid Project

Mozambique is one of the poorest countries on Earth and the Niassa region hosts the most impoverished communities across Mozambique where access to water is limited. Football for Peace will deliver a project to provide the Mussoma Village with sustainable clean water, that will support the growth of food crops and give children and families clean drinking water. The project will provide the village with water retention mechanisms to maintain and receive clean drinking water, providing a year-round source of water for agricultural food production. These natural water retention ponds also have the added benefit of helping restore groundwater ensuring that water wells do not dry up.

Not only will we provide a reliable and sustainable way for villagers to receive clean water, but we will also educate children around issues of water that affect them directly and how they can be resolved. This includes educational workshops on water cycles; the issues they face in their communities linked to water; how to build resilience; how to communicate in a peaceful way; and key life skills to help their own community.

Your donations will not only change and help the lives of children and villagers but will also help protect wildlife. Northern Mozambique’s Niassa Reserve (4.2 million hectares) is one of the planet’s last remaining havens for biodiversity. Niassa harbours 40% of Mozambique’s entire elephant population and is one of the most important refuges on the entire continent for two of Africa’s threatened carnivores. The access to limited water has provided a huge challenge for both people and wildlife, whose livelihoods depend on the reserve’s natural resources.

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