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Football Saves Lives

We believe Football CAN SAVE LIVES!


Wherever peace is fractured we intervene and support young people. The campaign harnesses the influence of the football community to work in both short-term and long-term crises.

We work in disenfranchised communities worldwide and contribute to the longer term crisis communities are facing by developing bespoke Intervention programmes and implement Peace Centres to support youth.

During calamities and short term crises we respond as quickly as possible during disasters, remaining by their side long after the attention has faded with the help of our trusted partners.

The Football Saves Lives Campaign was launched in 2019 by HRH The Duke of Cambridge, Prince William to provide opportunity for underrepresented communities and enhance the skills of young people toward serving.

The campaign aims to:

Engage the FOOTBALL community to come together to contribute to short and long-term crisis.

Build RESILIENCE long term amongst young people, families, and communities.

Create sustainable change for young people increasing the chances for PEACE


Our core USP has always been building a resilient mindset.

Peace Centres encourage local community engagement, create economic improvement and provide a focal point for the underrepresented community.

The first Peace Centre was launched in Bradford, UK with World Cup Winner Mesut Özil and The University of Bradford in October 2021.

In support of the UN Global Goals, our Football for Peace Centers are co-branded with high-profile players and professional clubs to showcase the power of football in all its forms to tackle inequalities, promote sustainable living and also contribute to the pressing issues linked to local challenges.

The concept would offer underrepresented communities within the city an integral point of education mentorship, enterprise, development, and connecting local needs to a range of accessible services, increasing economic growth and positive citizenship.

The programme is focused on facilitating integration, educating on physical health and mental wellbeing through to building sustainable practices for communities by creating Most Valuable Players. Our Peace Centres engage with young people from all walks of life and diverse backgrounds, providing young participants with a safe place to play, up-skill participants through educational workshops, leadership skills and create a movement of young people delivering actions of good deeds to positively contribute to local challenges



Working with large INGOs and humanitarian institutions we play an effective role in brokering and sources timely resources into any global situation which has needs quick response to galvanising the global football community to support those most in need.

Our small but impactful team becomes a catalyst for a relief response with a focus on supporting children and young people.

We aim to mobilise through:

Crises Peace Matches to raise funds, aid and awareness

Safeguard young people during early vulnerable phases of disasters

Support young people with the distribution of urgent needs and providing mental health support

Developing longer term intervention programmes

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Give Where the Need is Greatest

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