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Emergency Aid

In a time where calamities, war, displacement and climate change have impacted our world in many challenging ways; we always aim to meet a call to action when an emergency arises.

Mobilizing our global and national network to meet the the most immediate and longer term emergency needs

Disaster Response: Working with large INGOs and humanitarian institutions FFP has played an effective role in brokering and sources timely resources into any global situation which has needed our help. From Afghanistan, India, Kashmir, to Nigeria. Our small but impactful team becomes a catalyst for a relief response.

Crisis Management: The displacement of refugees around the world in great numbers due to recent international security issues, has meant homelessness and often statelessness of people in the millions. From evacuation, safe passage, resettlement and integration work.

Rebuild Peace: Our core USP has always been peace diplomacy through the power of football. FFP connects decision makers, brings our football fraternity into a peace building scenario, where politics and policy may have failed or lacked sticking power. Bringing opposing parties on the pitch and scoring common goals of peace can be a game changing impact. Rebuilding fractured communities once the initial battle is over. Our campaigns of peace advocacy and lobbying continue.

Give Where the Need is Greatest

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