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Use of cookies by Football for Peace

Like most websites, we use cookies. Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer by websites that you visit. Internet browsers normally accept cookies by default. A cookie often contains a unique number, which can be used to recognise your computer when a user of your computer returns to a website that it visited previously. We use cookies to enhance the online experience of our visitors, to better understand how our websites are used and to monitor how our advertisements perform. Cookies may tell us, for example, whether you have visited our site before or whether you are a new visitor.

By using our website, you consent to our use of cookies. A cookie does not give us access to your computer or to any information about you, other than the data you choose to share with us. If you do not accept our use of cookies, please set your internet browser to reject cookies (this may impair your ability to use our website so that some features may not work) or opt-out using the National Advertising Initiative.

There are broadly five reasons why a cookie might be stored on your device when visiting the Football for Peace website:

  • Cookies are stored that make the website work properly for you.
  • Cookies are stored that remember your preferences and make the website easier for you to use.
  • Cookies are stored that collect data about your use of the website which are then anonymised and used to help us improve our online services.
  • Cookies are stored that allow you to share our content on social networks.
  • Cookies are stored that are placed by third party services we make use of to enhance the information we present online and to provide relevant advertising to those who may be interested in it. We have no control over these third party cookies.

We do not use cookies to:

  • collect any personally identifiable information;
  • pass personal identifiable data to third parties.

First and third party cookies

We have classified our cookies into two broad types – ‘first party cookies’ and ‘third party cookies’:

  1. First party cookiesare cookies that are served directly by the website operator to your computer, and are often used to recognise your computer when it revisits that site and to remember your preferences as you browse the site.
  2. Third party cookiesare served by a service provider on behalf of the website operator, and can be used by the service provider to recognise your computer when it visits other websites. Third party cookies are used for a variety of reasons and are most commonly used for website analytics or advertising purposes.

In addition, cookies may be either ‘session cookies’ or ‘persistent cookies’. Your computer automatically removes session cookies once you close your browser. Persistent cookies will survive on your computer until an expiry date specified in the cookie itself, is reached.

There are several types of cookie that we may use on our website:

Strictly necessary cookies: These cookies are essential for you to be able to use and move around our website or for you to use certain features, therefore they cannot be switched off. They include, for example, cookies that enable you to log into secure areas of our website, use a shopping cart / basket, register for an event or make use of our e-billing services.

Functional cookies: These cookies remember choices made by you or aspects of your interaction with our website to enhance your experience during your visit to our website. These cookies are also used to remember a user’s preferences for a font size or customisable parts of a web page: e.g. language, appeals visited or user’s location. If you do not allow these cookies, then some or all of these services may not function properly.

Performance cookies: These cookies collect information about how you as the viewer makes use of the website: e.g. which pages you visit most. These cookies do not collect information that personally identify you as a viewer.

Advertising cookies: Remarketing is a way for us to connect with people who have recently interacted with our site. We may place remarketing cookies on your device during your visit so that our carefully selected third-party suppliers, including Google, may use the information gathered to show you Football for Peace advertising when you visit other websites.

Third party cookies: We work with a number of third party suppliers who set cookies on our website to enable them to provide us with services. These cookies are mainly used for reporting and advertising purposes so that we can improve the way we communicate with our supporters and ensure the money we invest in online advertising is well spent.

Cookie: Facebook

Name: c_user, datr, dpr, Fr, Presence, Sb, Spin, wd, xs, _fbp

Purpose: Facebook is a social media platform we use to communicate with our supporters through both unpaid posts and paid advertising. We use cookies to measure the effectiveness of paid advertising on Facebook to ensure the money we spend is used effectively.

Facebook Privacy Notice

Cookie: Twitter

Name:ga, gid,twittersess, adspref, authtoken, csrfsamesite, csrfsamesiteset

Purpose: Twitter is a social media platform we use to communicate with our supporters through both unpaid tweets and paid advertising. We use cookies to measure the effectiveness of paid advertising on Twitter to ensure the money we spend is used effectively.

Twitter Privacy Notice

What will happen if you disable some or all of the cookies that Football for Peace use?

If you opt to delete cookies or prevent us from placing cookies onto your device, some features of our website may not be as effective or work in the intended manner. To delete or review cookies that are on your device, you will need to go into the settings of your browser and review them.

Find out how to manage cookies on popular browsers:

To find information relating to other browsers, visit the browser developer’s website.

To opt out of being tracked by Google Analytics across all websites, visit:

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