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Peace Centres

In support of the UN Global Goals, our Peace Centers are co-branded with Cities, Football Clubs and Professional Footballers to showcase the power of football in all its forms to tackle inequalities, promote sustainable living and also contribute to the pressing issues linked to local challenges. Our aim is to host 10 million youth globally at our Peace Centres by 2030, tackling inequalities and transforming the culture of social action amongst young people around the world.

Our Peace Centres engage with young people from all walks of life and diverse backgrounds, providing young participants with a safe place to play, it will up-skill participants through educational workshops, leadership skills and create a movement of young people delivering actions of good deeds to positively contribute to local challenges.

Our Peace Centres encourage local community engagement, create local infrastructure and provide opportunities for underrepresented community members. Our Peace Centres offer participants within the city an integral point of education, mentorship, enterprise, development, and connecting local needs to a range of accessible services, and positive citizenship. The Peace Centres deliver key sessions focused on facilitating integration, educating on physical health and mental wellbeing through to building sustainable practices for communities by creating MVP’s.

The centres uniquely combine football training, educational life skills workshops, and community engagement activities led by young people.

In the UK FfP Centres focus on tackling inequalities, providing underrepresented and underprivileged youth the opportunity to play elite football, whilst also facilitating an array of educational opportunities.

Outside of the UK, FfP setup Peace Centres, focused on providing humanitarian assistance to young people and communities, whilst also providing a safe place for young people to play sport and facilitating extra curricular educational activities.

Our Offering

Peace Centre Coaching

  • The centres uniquely combine football training, holistic & educational life skills workshops, with community engagement activities led by young people
  • Weekly sessions run year-round providing under privileged and ethnic minority communities an opportunity to participate
  • Tackling issues such as environmental degradation, equality, cultural diversity, and self-esteem are reinforced through play
MVP Award
  • In partnerships with universities, footballers, influencers, community leaders and practitioners we teach ‘Life Skills Modules’ to help young people with self development, entrepreneurial development and to take on positive actions in their own communities
  • UN endorsed certification awarded when participants deliver and c actions of good deeds within their community, joining a global cohort of Footballers for Peace
Infrastructure & Sustainability
  • Creating local coaching and management jobs at the Peace Centre within the city we operate in to build opportunities for local employment
  • Parents, community leaders and teachers are supported to take on coaching badges and training
  • Provide exit pathways for participants onto elite football, higher education and employment opportunities
What Peace Centres Provide
  • Weekly football training sessions run by qualified professional coaches and current/former professional footballers
  • Educational life skills workshops delivered by Universities and professional within their field, up-skilling youth on confidence building, leadership, resilience building and more
  • Organised Social Actions for youth to support and be active within their communities
  • Exit pathways to football clubs, higher education and employment opportunities

We are delighted to announce we have launched our first Peace Center in Bradford with Mesut Ozil as our ambassador. Working in partnership with the University of Bradford and Bradford City Football Club to create an environment for your child to progress on and off the field.


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