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Rahul Mehta

Executive Steering Committee

Rahul Mehta has been Director of Parker Lloyd Group since 2013, overseeing the company’s investment activities in hotels, restaurants, and bars in London and India, as well as investments in mining assets. Rahul is also Partner at Amryta Capital LLP since 2014.

In Addition Rahul is the founder and CEO of a football scouting company Obsidian Sport Management Ltd that has established partnerships with top-tier teams in the English Premier League and Championship, as well as African academies. The company has a proven track record of identifying and developing talented athletes in football, cricket, and motor racing.In addition to athlete representation, Rahul Mehta’s company also arranges sponsorship deals for sports franchises and individual athletes. The company’s strategic advisory services have supported football clubs looking to expand their reach and tap into emerging markets such as India and Africa.

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