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Brian Melzack

Executive Steering Committee

Brian has led a diverse career, combining his passion for sport, real estate, and radio journalism. He founded Techno Tv System in 1984, which became the sole installer of CNN’s corporate installations in London during the Gulf War. He also worked with satellite and TV exhibitions and advised on the new era of television viewing and communications. Football has been an essential part of Brian’s life, and he has been involved in putting on football matches, arranging player transfers globally, and even tried to purchase QPR. He created “Football for Peace” in Dubai in 2012 and is currently working on creating a state-of-the-art sports academy in Florida.

Brian has extensive experience in radio journalism, starting as a teenage presenter on Hullabaloo at London’s Capital Radio and later becoming the voice of QPR on LBC Radio. He also co-presented QPR’s flagship TV show, “London Call In.” He has been a regular guest on radio stations in the US, including Tampa Bay’s 933 FLZ and Cincinnati’s Q102, providing a UK perspective on global events.

Recently, Brian co-founded The Sports Advisory & Mentoring Group with Jason Shela, a multi-faceted organization based in London and New York that provides expertise in setting up youth programs, coaching, management, operations, branding, and media in the world of sports. Additionally, he is working with the PGA Legends to explore new global opportunities and is closely involved with two professional football clubs in Ghana.

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