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Football Diplomacy

​​Football for Peace’s aim is to use the full potential that Football and Diplomacy offers to generate awareness in football’s ability to be a force for good.

We aim to achieve this by hosting symposiums and advising governments and country leaders across the world in the coming years that will open up a dialogue with communities, their leaders, clubs and players about how effective football can be in tackling the globe’s most pressing issues.

Football for Peace will convene high-level discussion with politicians, local and national statesmen, diplomats and influencers across the world in a conversation on how football can deliver positive social change and empower young people to sustain it.

Through the successful delivery of its own projects, Football for Peace has come to understand the powerful role football can play in delivering real change through dialogue and the importance of empowering young people to deliver it.

By combining the power of this grassroots activity with diplomatic impact, Football for Peace can do more to help bring about peace and save lives through sport and dialogue.

Football for Peace aims to do this in partnership with leading sports and football bodies, including FIFA, The Football Association and the United Nations.

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